Standards for Experiential Tourism

This list is in the form of objective sentences. Each can be a consideration for further research.

1. People create meaning through direct experience.

2. The experience includes the people met, the places visited, the activities participated in and the memories created.

3. The experience includes pre-departure trip planning and post-trip follow-up.

4. Experiential tourism draws people into local nature, culture and history.

5. Experiential tourism is low impact, low volume, and high yield.

6. Experiential tourism is very personal, unique and individual for each visitor.

7. Quality, memorable visitor experiences are a shared outcome between the visitor and the experience provider.

8. Experiential tourism opportunities allow for personal growth and reflect the values and interests of the individual visitor.

9. Experiential tourism provides diverse experiences that match the visitor’s interests and provide a sense of personal accomplishment, thereby creating their own unique memories.

10. The desired outcome of experiential tourism is to achieve a complete participatory experience that provides new knowledge and authentic experiences.

11. Experiential tourism opportunities encourage the meeting and coming together of different cultures, their problems and potential.

12. Cultural elements are shared in an atmosphere of traditional ways of life.

13. Experiential tourism shows rather than describes.

14. Experiential tourism opportunities expand personal horizons.

15. Experiential tourism opportunities should provide personal enrichment, enlightenment, stimulation, and engagement as motivators.

16. Experiential tourism attracts people to places.

17. Experiential tourism attracts markets to merchandise.

18. Experiential tourism engages all five senses.

19. Experiential tourism opportunities include learning a new skill or engaging in a new activity.

20. Experiential tourism includes “the story of the place.”

Source: Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario

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