Experiential Tourism Quotes

Today the concept of selling experiences is spreading beyond theaters and theme parks.Joseph Pine & James Gilmore, in the Harvard Business Review
At the heart of anyquote-marks destination is an experience that consumers will remember, that they will want to repeat and that they will want to share with their colleagues.Professor Chris Voss – London Business School


All these changes are linked by an underlying shift in how we consume travel, not as a product, but as an experienceRobert Vaughan | Manager, Economics & policy – MegaTrend matters blog


When you tire of collecting stuff, you collect experiences. Companies that organize their product development and delivery of services in a manner that speaks to the idea that our customers want unique and authentic experiences will have a greater chance of flourishing with this discriminating consumer.Chip Conley of Huff Post Business

It’s all About Driving Value with Amazing Experiences!Unknown

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