Are You Giving Your Customers a “Purple Cow”?

As I move towards my passion to change and enhance “wine tourism” I realize that I am challenging, and going up against, the status quo. Aside from a few innovators, the status quo is a tourism industry primarily based on show and tell. Come and visit us and we will show you things and tell you about them. From there you are on your own.

While this can be a satisfying experience, it is not enough to hold the interest of a growingpurplecow book market of people that want more. They want real experiences tailored to their personal interests. Give them something remarkable and they will choose you over the competition. Give them an experience that stimulates all their senses and you will have a loyal customer for life.

Give them a Purple Cow!

As Seth Godin suggests in his book a Purple Cow is something remarkable. Something that stands out from the status quo. To be more successful you need to lead and stand out by creating something that is different than the norm. Create a Purple Cow and your customers and the market in general will notice you, follow you and support you. In business, this translates into growth and increased profits.

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