Experiential Tourism Best Practices Mission Outline

Below is an outline for a Best Practices Mission for experiential tourism held in the Winnipeg and Riding Mountain National Park, MB April 30 – May 5, 2012. The outline is a good indicator of what all is involved in creating experiential tourism vacation packages.

“Experiential Tourism Best Practices Mission

A great proportion of visitors in Atlantic Canada are looking for tourism “experiences” – this mission will concentrate on interactive tourism experiences and packaging. It will look

Celes Davar, Earth Rhythms

Celes Davar, Earth Rhythms

at how to collaborate with local resorts, facilities, and service providers to offer diverse experiences, which provide authenticity, inspiration, and replenishment of the spirit through programs, guides, and facilitators. Celes Davar, President of Earth Rhythms Inc. will be facilitating this mission and providing the group with the opportunity to experience his company, which is a leader in experiential learning, learning adventures and customized experiences in Western Canada.

  • Learn how to use experiential tourism to differentiate tourism product in a competitive market
  • Learn new methods to make personal connections with each visitor, to create experiences that are inherently personal, engage their senses and make connections on an emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual level
  • Examine how to recognize opportunities to partner within regional communities to find ways to create experiences that feature innovative, multiple partners
  • Learn what to expect from clients, how to be responsive and provide unique insight to them


  • Applicants should have a strong interest in applying experiential tourism to their existing business offer, their community (museums, attractions, festivals), or as enablers in tourism to direct investment into experiential tourism programs and experiences.
  • Participants should be looking at “adding value” to their enterprise, community, or collaborative product development issues through the use of experiential tourism products, initiatives, and ideas.
  • We would love to have a good mix of tourism operators from different sectors, and tourism enablers from all Atlantic Canada provinces (tourism industry operators, regional tourism associations, DMO’s, municipalities, economic development associations, tourism support services, etc.)
  • Participants should understand that there will be teaching sessions, experiences, and discussion sessions which will require participants to explore, contribute, discuss, and participate in a number of activities and experiences throughout long days both indoors and outdoors. A sense of curiosity, a desire to learn, and an adventurous spirit are all assets in getting the best out of this mission.


  • What do clients most want to experience and how do you provide customized advice and experience opportunities
  • How do animators asses their audiences and respond to individuals as well as the group
  • Learn new methods to make personal connections with each visitor, to create experiences that are inherently personal, engage their senses and makes connections on an emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual level.
  • How to create vacation experiences by linking activities, meals, culture, special events, etc
  • How to use experiential tourism to differentiate your tourism product in a competitive market
  • How to go the extra step to connect the buyer mentally to the artisan or the product
  • Why attention to detail and quality are critical ingredients to the success
  • How to differentiate eating from dining and surface the connection with food by drawing connections to the nature and culture of the place we are visiting
  • How to challenge the intellect and open the minds of guests through facilitating information exchange and hands on experience
  • What packages can be used to attract visitors? How can we break from traditional interpretation to attract guests to our region?
  • Learn basic concepts and skills associated with customized tourism packaging, experiential travel, and niche market focus
  • How to “up sell” a visitor and offer a true experience as opposed to simply a bed
  • How to use storytelling or nature to create memorable experiences
  • How to help guests to see the less “apparent,” challenge their imagination and intellect, and launch their imaginations.
  • How to learn about the best experience opportunities within your region and ignite the minds of your visitor
  • How guests can gain a new perspective through the eyes of the artisan, farmer, chef, etc.
  • Learn how to involve tourists in your local traditions
  • How to set expectations to meet the experience and how to make experiences better and more memorable
  • Share innovative “experience facilitation methods” that promote personal connections between guests and the nature and culture of the places they are visiting”

See original document at http://goo.gl/y4mghG

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