Become a “Destination Winery”

Let Okanagan Experiential Tourism turn your winery into a “Destination 14Winery”and increase your visitation and wine sales, at no cost .

What is a “Destination Winery?”

A “Destination Winery” is any winery that wants to be the focus of a wine traveler’s vacation. Rather than hope that wine travelers will discover you and visit your wine shop, you can position your vineyard and wine-making operation to be the destination for groups of travelers looking for a unique wine experience.

How can this be done?

Okanagan Experiential Tourism will develop customized experiential wine tourism vacation packages that will bring 8 to 12 wine lovers direct to your door as part of a multi-day wine experience vacation. They will learn about what you do and how you do it. They will enjoy wine paired meals, cooking classes and other experiences that are unique to your winery and setting. They will want to hear your story and that of your neighborhood and community.

In addition, they will enjoy off-site experiences which could include visiting a local chocolate factory, a meat and sausage making operation and a cheesery (cheese making operation). Of course they will have some free time to enjoy the wonders of the amazing Okanagan Valley.

All these experiences will be coordinated and delivered by Okanagan Experiential Tourism leaving you free to carry on your business and concentrate on hosting your visitors to ensure the ultimate wine tourism experience. Any direct expenses to you ie: (wine served with meals) will be recoverable through the vacation package pricing.

So don’t leave your winery visitation to chance. Become a “Destination Winery” and have guaranteed visitors arrive at your door in a planned and coordinated manner. Contact us today at or phone 250 462-9492

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