Vacation Theme – Cooking Classes

When most of us think of taking a vacation, we probably think of sun, beaches or touring cooking classesthe glories of Europe or some other exotic destination. Few of us would probably think of spending a week taking cooking classes.

Well as you can see at The International Kitchen, people do just that, and they pay big money to do so. Now there is more to it than just cooking but, that is the theme and for some, that is the draw.

This is just another example of an added value experience vacation package that can be sold for significantly more money than what a normal tour package would cost and with little additional cost to the provider. How much you say? How about up to $3650 USD per person (based on double occupancy) for a 6 night stay. This does not include your travel costs to get to the location. So that is over $7000 per couple.

This is what experiential tourism is about. Adding something unique to an existing situation to add value and differentiate yourself from others in the same business.

So if you want to see how this experience concept could work for you, please contact me.

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