Collaboration is the Key to Success

The key to experiential tourism success is working together.

It is clear that the average winery does not have the time or the resources to put together an experience vacation package. Their focus is making and selling wine as it should be . They rely on wine tours, walk-ins and sales in house and through retail stores for their revenue.

Also, the task of trying to coordinate and implement “experiences” in-house can be beyond their financial and manpower capabilities. So how can they offer experiential vacation packages? Well, they have to rely on local expertise and services to provide some of the experiences for them.

Don’t have accommodation on site, find something suitable off-site. Don’t have a kitchen or a Chef, work with someone that does. Not musically inclined, find someone who is. Don’t have enough time to give your visitors special attention, seek out a wine ambassador. Don’t have a vehicle capable of transporting your 8 or 10 guests to various events or locations. Engage the services of someone who does.

The secret is “collaboration”. Rely on the services and expertise that flourishes in the Okanagan Valley. Your role can be limited to being an involved host and to get a significant financial return for doing so. Experiential Tourism not only puts extra dollars in your pocket, but creates new jobs and businesses that benefit the whole region.

Sounds like a very good reason to consider putting together some vacation packages.

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